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Monday, 21 October 2013

Reward From IV Nail World Art Contest

Good evening Ladies,

Finally after such a long day I am at the computer to show you what a nice surprise I found in my letter box. Strange I had a card to pick up something from our concierge. I knew I did not order anything last days, that's why when I saw the big packet I realised it was my reward from Nail World Art Contest.
I could wait to get my flat and open it.
Are you curios? Do you wanna see it?.....Mmmmm...Alright lets show it to you.
Practise hand, glitters, stamping plates, tips...

Gorgeous ring made by Monica Russo Nail Designs

Gorgeous ring made by Monica Russo Nail Designs

As you see all the staff is amazing and can't wait to try them. Halloween is coming so lets cross fingers that someone will come to me with the request for design. Pictures by themselves say a lot about the is really lovely.
I did not show the pictures  I took part in the contest, did I?
And now it is time to be presented to you.
Absolutely winner - 135 likes


My gorgeous reward.

At the end I want to thank all of you that voted for me. I want to say big thank you to Nail World for giving me the chance to participate in the contest and rewarding me with such great staff.


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  1. As Nail World admin, it was well deserved. The designs were beautiful and you fought to win. So i was happy to send it to you. Hope you enjoy all the stuff and my As soon as you do some design using any of the items, please show us! Congrats!! <3