Beautiful nails, as a symbol of status, can show one’s good manners and temperament. Nail art, also known as nail design, refers to the process in which one’s nails are sterilized, cleaned, cared, maintained, reshaped and eventually beautified according to one’s requirements; including the shape of one’s hands, nails, skin and the color of clothing. Nail art boasts diverse characteristics.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Rosebud From Bluesky

There is the last post for today. Something I made yesterday using my favourite pink colour form Bluesky.
After curing the colourful coats I made 2 black and 1white lines at the corners of the nails and then with detail brush slightly damp with wipe off solution blend the colours.

Glow Get 'em!

Wow, they are lovely, awesome neon colours.

To make them pop, apply one coat of blanc (white colour) before applying your neon shade.

Neon Orange & White

There is me again with white French, but this time on accent nail is neon orange from Essie 304 Serial Shopper  new neon collection "Glow get 'em!"

Placing that yellow flower (hand painted) on orange looks better than I expected. Then added swirls and dots.

White French With Blue Flowers

Hello There,

Hope you all do well in those hot days. I love high temperatures :)
Now I will show you something I made last week. Something I made last year in  candy pink, but this time in white as per clients request.

Nails have been sculptured with gel and then French made with First Gel - One stroke painting gel colour. Decoration is again made with the same one stroke painting gel, sealed with Bluesky top coat.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wedding Manicure


In several times will show you some ideas for wedding manicure. Today they will be on real hands. Afterwards you will see just sample. There aren't so many brides asking for these:(
First one is simple French with extended nail bed and glittery top coat

According to me the second one you will see is simple, elegant...

 Traditional French with liquid stones and crystals around. Liquid stone you can make using builder gel. Create your French or other way of making your nails, using gel polish.Take a small amount of builder gel on a shiny surface. Mix it with fine glitters, colour gel, etc. Take a tiny, thin brush and place on the nail tiny bit of the gel, shape it to look like a stone. Cure it for 2 minutes. Cover with top coat and place crystals around, then cure for 2 minutes. Apply second layer of top coat and cure. Remove tacky layer.


Good evening all!

It has past almost a week since I made those that I will show you today in my two posts.
First one will be about something simple, easy and practical for short nails. I am not really fan of those type of designs, but looks nice on short nails, and especially for those of you that don't like painting flowers, butterflies, etc. on your nails.
Lets see the pictures first and then will talk about colours
I have used shellac Fedora and after the second coat applied some glitter. I dipped my brush in the wipe off solution but just slightly damp, just to be able to pick the glitter. It is wet too much, you can remove the tacky layer, something that we don't want, because glitter can not stick on the surface.
Then gel polish top coat has been applied in two layers, each cured for 2 minutes.
Then wipe off the tacky layer and all done :)

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Countess..Purple Flowers

There I go with the last one for today. But in this post you will see something nice and easy to be hand made.

Using dark purple sand polish and for two nails French nude colour, I have created something lovely. Then  the nude - coloured nails I decorated with purple flowers using acrylic paints. Flowers this time are outlined with thin white contour, instead of usual black I do.

Just accent nails are sealed with top coat. Sand polish doesn't required.

Water Decals Flowers

Being so busy, did not have time to do something nice on my own nails, so I have just used my little friends - water decals. :)

Polish I have used is MaXfactor Glossfinity 70 cute coral, applied as usual in two coats.

Then on three fingers I place flowers and sealed all nails with Seche Vitte top coat.

Nice and Easy :)

New Colour From Barry M


And the last post for today dedicated to nail colours.
This time is just regular polish and from Barry M Limited Edition.
This is lovely coral colour with some fine gold glitter or pigment in it. I cannot really if they are glitters, sand or pigments.

Colour has been applied in two coats, just because of the picture, but trust me even in one coat looks great and nail fully covered.

There was no need to apply top coat, because it is already shiny enough.

New Gel Polishes

Good morning,

I got some new gel colour I want to show you today.
We will start from right to the left. This black one with some glitter Bluesky LT123 in it.Then comes nice pink glittery colour Bluesky LT089, followed by dark lilac 40543 Bluesky Vexed Violet.
The last one is clear gel polish with white glitters in it Bluesky Zillionaire 527.

Wow, this time I just concentrated on glittery polishes.
A bit dark colour but lovely, according to me