Beautiful nails, as a symbol of status, can show one’s good manners and temperament. Nail art, also known as nail design, refers to the process in which one’s nails are sterilized, cleaned, cared, maintained, reshaped and eventually beautified according to one’s requirements; including the shape of one’s hands, nails, skin and the color of clothing. Nail art boasts diverse characteristics.

Friday, 29 August 2014

White French & One Stroke Flowers

Good Morning!

Wow, Its not good at all. I have two people from Locksmiths to repair my balcony door, but something is not working properly with this door. Don't know what.
Anyway, I have new pics to show you. Yesterday came a girl to infill her nails. She lied on the phone she had gel nails, even she knew they were acrylic. So I did the infill with gel, hope they will be ok, because I know gel should be put on top of acrylic and on the reverse .
And acrylic usualy got yellowish, but gel is clear so there was a line which could go away.


  1. This is pretty :-)

    It's not good when clients lie. Maybe she was unsure of what she had done before?

    1. She knew pretty well. She wants gel, but in Chinese shops they don't do gel, only acrylic.