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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Shugar Effect

Good morning Ladies!

Just popped to show you quickly what I have created with my new product. Recently I have received my new builder gel, one movement slant brush,tec. I have ordered some micro glitters to create that popular sugar effect on nails, but my supplier didn't get it, so to please me Kinga Lukazewska from Brillbird sent me as a present gold micro glitter. Just to say thank you I am sharing with you her e-mail if someone wants to order any of Brillbird amazing products She can send you online catalog to have a look at the products.
Let me tell you how you can make those lovely Christmas designs. Very popular this winter, they make you look unique.
1. Apply base coat and cure
2. Apply 2 coats of you desire colour and cure each for 2 mins
3. Apply a coat finish gel from First Gel ( or gel polish top coat) and cure
4. If you apply finish gel from First gel you don't have sticky layer and you can proceed with making swirls with black One stroke UV painting gel. Than sprinkle micro glitter on the wet paint. Than cure for 2 mins.
If you applied gel polish top coat, you need to wipe off and than buff the nail plate. Than proceed with drawing swirls and sprinkling glitter. Than cure.
5. With dust brush remove the excess glitter.
6. Apply top coat and cure. I prefer on designs to apply non-wipe off top coat, in case you didn't cure well and might damage the design.
Hope you like them.
Have a try and show me your ones.... :)

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