Beautiful nails, as a symbol of status, can show one’s good manners and temperament. Nail art, also known as nail design, refers to the process in which one’s nails are sterilized, cleaned, cared, maintained, reshaped and eventually beautified according to one’s requirements; including the shape of one’s hands, nails, skin and the color of clothing. Nail art boasts diverse characteristics.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Aftercare Advise

·                                 "Shellac is a hybrid nail treatment, with the finish of a traditional polish but the long-lasting results of a gel treatment. It is scratch and wear-resistant and can have a variety of finishes including creme, pearl and metallic.

·                                 In the run-up to your Shellac manicure, I'd advise you to apply a nail and cuticle oil (I like CND Solar Oil )
 to keep the area conditioned and maintain the natural nail's flexibility. You should be using a product like this anyway to keep nails in good health and maintain moisture.

Sweep the brush across all 10 nails coating them in SolarOil - rub gently into the nail and the surrounding soft tissue! Use as often as you like!
After your manicure, keep using nail and cuticle oil to keep both the nails and the product well-conditioned. It's a good idea to wear rubber gloves when doing household chores, to keep your nails shiny.
Healthy nails mean strong nails - and stronger nails don't just look better, they stay polished for longer, too. But how can you build up their strength? 

The way you treat your nails has a lot to do with how strong they are. Rubber gloves might not look very cool, but if you over-expose your hands to water it will weaken your nails - so wear gloves every time you wash up. 

Keep a mini-tube of hand cream, , in your bag to reduce dehydration from hand-washing when you're out and about. 

We all know beauty comes from within, but this is especially true when it comes to your nails. "Since nails are growing and replacing themselves all the time, they need a good supply of minerals in the diet.

"Mineral-rich foods include lean meats, fish, eggs, grains, low-fat dairy, nuts and seeds." 

When you do your nails at home, make like a manicurist and file them in one direction only. Sawing at your nails, or buffing too vigorously, will cause splitting and peeling. 

The cuticle is where nails are created so don't neglect this area: a nourished cuticle will grow a resilient nail.
Oils like  will penetrate to the nail root, helping the development of strong and healthy.

Nail strengtheners that you paint on like polish can help toughen up your talons, but don't rely on them - use as an extra to good nail care and nutrition.

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