Beautiful nails, as a symbol of status, can show one’s good manners and temperament. Nail art, also known as nail design, refers to the process in which one’s nails are sterilized, cleaned, cared, maintained, reshaped and eventually beautified according to one’s requirements; including the shape of one’s hands, nails, skin and the color of clothing. Nail art boasts diverse characteristics.

Monday, 18 August 2014

One Movement Designs

Good Morning!

I can't wait to show you my new designs, made using the new technique I have learned. Some of them are my idea, some not :)

Background has been made with acrylic paints too. Nails were sealed with Bluesky top coat, after paints dried well.
How do you find them?


  1. These are really pretty designs :-)

  2. Thank you. You can see more on