Beautiful nails, as a symbol of status, can show one’s good manners and temperament. Nail art, also known as nail design, refers to the process in which one’s nails are sterilized, cleaned, cared, maintained, reshaped and eventually beautified according to one’s requirements; including the shape of one’s hands, nails, skin and the color of clothing. Nail art boasts diverse characteristics.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Simple Salon Designs

Good Morning All!

This and the following post will be dedicated to two similar, but nice one stroke designs, suitable for your clients nails. They are simple and fast to be done.
For the first one I have used REVLION Scented nail polish 310 Beach. I do not know if still can be found on the market.

As you see the petals are single. I have added some dots and sealed with top coat.

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  1. I have Beach - picked it up cheap in a poundshop. I quite liked the scent! Nice petals they are really pretty :-)